Gabapentin and Alcohol

The drug Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant drug that is intended to control and prevent seizures and is also used to suppress nervous pain after the seizures. This medication is available on prescription.

The contents of the drug Gabapentin is similar to the neurotransmitters in the human’s brain. Gabapentin medication is able to change the way the neurochemicals interact with each other and this leads to the achievement of maximum effectiveness. The exact mechanism of the drug’s influence on the human’s body has not been fully studied.

The drug Gabapentin is available in a pill form. It can be taken with meals or at another time. The exact dosage of the drug is determined by your doctor. The amount of the medication per one intake depends on your diagnosis.

Like many other drugs, taking this one can cause the occurrence of side effects. If you have the following symptoms after taking this medication, then you should immediately consult the doctor: eye problems, severe tiredness, dizziness, drowsiness, coordination disorder, blurred vision and tremor. There have also been some rare cases when the patient, after taking the medicine Gabapentin, experienced severe changes in mood, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

As for drinking alcohol with the medication Gabapentin, then it is not recommended, because mixing Gabapentin with alcohol greatly increases the risk of the occurrence of side effects such as increased drowsiness, severe dizziness and serious problems with attention coordination. When taking Gabapentin with alcohol, you should avoid any situations that require mental activity, concentration and balance.

Recently, the studies have been conducted that examined the effect of anticonvulsant drugs on people with alcohol addiction, and the tolerability of alcohol and Gabapentin by such people. As a result of the study, it was revealed that these anticonvulsant medications do not affect the desire and craving for alcohol, but the mixing of Gabapentin with alcohol was found to be tolerated by the patients.

Although there is a tolerability of Gabapentin and alcohol, you should talk with your doctor about this. Tell the doctor about mixing alcohol and the medication in order to be able to control your health state.

You should not wait for something if you notice that you or your close friend or a relative are abusing alcohol and Gabapentin. This can make the situation worse. Therefore, you should immediately consult the doctor to get medical help. Your doctor can help you to cope with this problem.

Taking alcohol with Gabapentin can affect the human’s nervous system, as this medication is a depressant and makes the combination with alcohol more prone to dangerous consequences. This fact suggests that you should limit or avoid taking alcohol with Gabapentin.

When you discuss the use of Gabapentin with your doctor, then you should be honest and tell your doctor everything about your bad drinking habits. Also, it is necessary to tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking to avoid or reduce the risks of dangerous effects connected with mixing alcohol and drugs. Different medications can interact in different ways with alcohol.

You should know that if you take Gabapentin with alcohol, then the risk of severe dizziness, problems with concentration and drowsiness will be increased several times. Always keep your doctor informed about your alcohol taking with gabapentin or other medications.