Quetiapine for Anxiety

A great number of people in the world have ever experienced some kind of anxiety and strong excitement. There are also a lot of people who suffer from anxiety disorder, which is a serious disease. Anxiety disorders can be treated with the help of medications and psychotherapy. There are a lot of medications, which help to treat anxiety disorders. One of them is the medication Quetiapine, which can be used for the treatment of anxiety and it is considered to be quite effective.

According to the patients’ reviews, the drug Quetiapine may help cope with such a condition as anxiety. Quetiapine is approved by the FDA and can be used to treat such diseases as: schizophrenia within adults and adolescents; acute manic episodes, which are associated with bipolar disorder; bipolar disorders; frustration within adults; acute depressive episodes. The medication can be used as an additional drug for the treatment of mental disorders.


In general, the drug is aimed at treating generalized anxiety disorder. The drug Quetiapine has been studied as a medication for the treatment of a number of anxiety disorders, which include obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorders.

The studies have shown that the drug Quetiapine XR mono-therapy is effective for the treatment of a generalized anxiety disorder. The dosage of the drug is usually the following: from 50 to 300 mg / day. Clinical trials, connected with the drug Quetiapine action mechanism, showed that taking the drug can cause the following side effects: drowsiness, headache, fatigue, sedation, dry mouth, dizziness, weight gain, elevated glucose and hyperlipidemia.

The possible side effects limit the use of the drug Quetiapine as a first-line treatment drug for anxiety, though Quetiapine is considered to be quite effective for the treatment of the patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Thus, it should be concluded that the medication Quetiapine is a rather effective drug, which can be taken for the treatment of a generalized anxiety disorder. But it should be taken into account that there is a high risk of the occurrence of serious side effects even when a low dosage of the medication is taken. Quetiapine should be reserved for the patients with poor response or contraindications to traditional methods of the treatment of a generalized anxiety disorder, such as serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Thus, it should be noted that this drug should be used with extreme caution for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Only your doctor can prescribe the drug and assign the right dosage to you. Do not use the drug yourself and do not change the dosage of the drug yourself, as the drug can cause strong side effects. Always consult your doctor about your health condition and tell the doctor about any changes in your symptoms. Also tell your doctor about all the medicines you take during the treatment with Quetiapine. If after taking the drug you feel bad or feel any unusual conditions, then you should immediately consult the doctor.

Remember that each of us has ever experienced great anxiety, but this is not the same as an anxiety disorder, as anxiety disorders usually last for a long period of time and may worsen. Only a doctor can do the necessary examinations and diagnose any kinds of disorders. Only a doctor can choose the right methods of treatment and prescribe the medicine you need.